The Family

Me - Mum and wife, part time PA, small time collector of vintage china , amateur singer and actress, cross-stitcher, cook and cake baker.

Hubby - Dad and husband, computer fixer, dress maker, Lego builder, tenor and fez wearer. Loves his food except celery and basil.

DD - pre- teen daughter, bright, beautiful, talented, sporty, kind, honest, loving and funny. Knows what she likes and what she doesn't but tastes are getting wider as she gets older.

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Test Match Special

This is an old family favourite of Corned Beef Hash & Rice Pudding

It was named Test Match Special by my Grandfather as he could get it all ready & in the oven at 11am so he could watch the cricket & when the teams went into lunch at 1pm it would be ready!!

It feels like a cheat to describe such a simple recipe but here goes

Cook some potatoes, then mash them & add a tin of corned beef I add a little grated cheese as well. Put it into an ovenproof dish

Now for the rice pudding. In a ovenproof bowl I put 2 tablespoons of pudding rice, 2 tablespoons of caster sugar, 1 pint of full cream milk & a dash of vanilla extract

Put both dishes in the oven (rice pudding underneath) and cook for 2 hours at gas mark 3 (170C)


Beef with pasta & blue cheese

This is one of my left overs meals.

It's very simple & very tasty!

All I do is make a cheese sauce using double cream & whichever blue cheese is on offer (this time it was Shropshire Blue) with a bit of strong Cheddar thrown in!

I then add some of the cold leftover beef to the sauce to warm it through & cook the pasta

Then add the pasta to the sauce & the beef and serve!

Friday, 21 September 2012

Roast Beef & leftovers

Oh well I'm getting a bit behind with blogging & I keep forgetting to take photos!

Never mind though so here we go again. Whenever we have a Sunday Roast I use the leftovers to make dinner for the rest of the week

This week we had a beef joint so this was my menu plan

Sunday - roast beef & all the trimmings
Monday - cow in a hole (like toad but using beef not sausages)
Tuesday - beef with pasta in a creamy blue cheese sauce
Wednesday - for speed's sake it was pasties & mashed potatoes
Thursday - beef stir fry with honey & soy sauce
Friday - breaded haddock, mash & peas

I'll post some recipes & pictures later (where I remembered to take them that is!)

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Saturday Lunch




That is all



Created by my gorgeous Husband