The Family

Me - Mum and wife, part time PA, small time collector of vintage china , amateur singer and actress, cross-stitcher, cook and cake baker.

Hubby - Dad and husband, computer fixer, dress maker, Lego builder, tenor and fez wearer. Loves his food except celery and basil.

DD - pre- teen daughter, bright, beautiful, talented, sporty, kind, honest, loving and funny. Knows what she likes and what she doesn't but tastes are getting wider as she gets older.

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Likes & Dislikes

I've tried 3 different ways of writing this post & it's just too much of a list!

Rather than list everything we DO like I'm just going to highlight a few things we really don't like.

Me - tomatoes, bananas, peppers, mushrooms, celery and I'm allergic to apples

Husband - basil, pesto, celery

DD - anything greasy like sausages, cooked veg (much prefers them raw), baked potatoes, risotto, couscous, fruit cake and she's allergic to kiwi.

Thinking about it, I'm sure there's a few more but I'll add to the list as this blog progresses!

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